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Welcome to Garden Gems Thailand: 

At Garden Gems Thailand, we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of cannabis cultivation. With our passion for horticulture and commitment to excellence, we strive to provide the best cannabis cultivation services in the industry. 

End-to-End Cannabis Services


With over 20 years of experience, the Garden Gems Thailand team showcases exceptional cannabis cultivation skills, mastering every aspect of the process to produce high-quality, robust plants that reflect our unwavering commitment to delivering the finest products to our valued customers.

Architectural Design and Construction

Craft your cannabis dream with our specialized architectural design services, curated for clients envisioning their own expertly crafted cannabis facility, where our skilled architects blend expertise, and industry knowledge to deliver an exceptional design that maximizes cultivation efficiency, elevates product quality, and organization. 

Drop 'n Grow™ Containers   

Revolutionize your cannabis cultivation venture with our innovative shipping container grow solution, effortlessly adaptable to any warehouse or outdoor space, offering a plug-and-play setup with readily available electrical and water connections, eliminating the need for extensive architectural planning and enabling you to quickly embark on your cultivation journey with ease and efficiency.

Clone Facility

Experience the pinnacle of quality with our exceptional cannabis clones, meticulously nurtured to ensure robust health, free from pests and fungal issues, boasting a diverse selection of highly sought-after strain varieties, allowing our clients to cultivate with confidence and unlock the full potential of their cannabis gardens.

Consultation Services

Unlock the full potential of your cannabis cultivation journey with our comprehensive consultation services, led by our team of seasoned experts with decades of experience in California's thriving cannabis industry. With a commitment to your success, we offer personalized on-site visits up to three days a week, providing hands-on guidance and support directly in your facility. 

Processing and Distribution

Welcome to our comprehensive processing and distribution services in Thailand. With meticulous attention to detail, we excel in trimming cannabis products to perfection, ensuring the highest quality standards are met. Our packaging solutions are designed to preserve product freshness, enhance appeal, and comply with regulatory requirements. Trust us to handle your cannabis products with utmost care and precision, delivering exceptional results that meet the demands of the dynamic Thai market.